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Shopping in the Metaverse will enable complete accessibility, allowing shoppers to wander through virtual stores, try on and view products, and even get a 360-degree view of what the product looks like.  Moreover, the 3D digital avatars that will utilize artificial intelligence to recreate real-world human characteristics and actions in the metaverse realm, will make the virtual shopping experience much more thrilling. Retailers can use it for additional profits and increase a brand’s reach beyond the physical retail store through mapping and sales analysis. Metaverse provides a lot of benefits when compared to traditional shopping. Some of them are:


  • Provides a middle ground between the convenience of online shopping and the immersive experience of physical shopping.
  • Make intelligent, data-driven decisions by capturing experiences from physical interaction.
  • A more personalized shopping experience for users
  • Better brand identity 
  • Scalable spaces and business practices
  • Digital environments are limitless and void of any logistical limitations


Royex Metaverse Store


Royex Metaverse Store

Royex Metaverse Store changes the way you view online shopping. It combines the ease of internet shopping along with the immersion that physical stores provide. Using the Royex Metaverse Store App, you will be able to navigate to the store as your digital avatar. Your 3D avatar can be customized to look however you want.

Once you reach the store and enter it, the environment will feel as if you’re in a real store. You will be able to traverse around the store using a cart and add products in it. The products are a complete 3D render of the actual product that your avatar can touch, and examine.

Once you are done shopping, you can checkout your products that were added in the cart. The bridge between the virtual and real shopping will be facilitated by our ecommerce platform where you dont have to rely on crypto for payment. You can use fiat currency for making payments. The products you purchase will be delivered to your actual physical address.

This is the basic premise of how the Royex Metaverse Store operates. We will be adding more exciting features as the core technologies in the metaverse space evolves and improves.

Case Study

Royex Metaverse Store

The Metaverse is the combination of two long-standing ideas that have been around for many years – virtual reality and digital life. The Metaverse is typically thought of as a collection of 3-D virtual worlds where users can communicate, transact, and establish social connections using their virtual "avatars."

It combines the ease of internet shopping along with the immersion that physical stores provide. A Metaverse store will allow customers to touch & pick products in the virtual space. Shopping in the Metaverse will allow shoppers to visit the virtual stores through a personalized avatar from anywhere in the world. In the Metaverse space, these 3D avatars render real-time human movements & feature that makes, virtual shopping exciting.

A network of virtual environments centered on social interaction is known as the Metaverse. The physical and digital worlds converge there. It is regarded by many as the internet's successor. However, it is the internet of the future and is vastly expanding the opportunities available to many developers, business owners, and innovators.

There are 3 payment options in Metaverse Store 1. Card 2. Crypto Payment 3. Cash On delivery

The Metaverse will raise the bar for personalized customer experiences. In a digital world, consumers can interact with brands without the constraints of the physical world, such as time, gravity, and geography. They can go to virtual stores whenever and wherever they want. So Metaverse will help eCommerce customer engaging.

Metaverse is all set to pave the way for retailers to expand their business and grow in the multibillion-eCommerce landscape. Technology and its innovations have drastically changed the eCommerce industry. The eCommerce with Metaverse delivers innovative and engaging shopping experiences to customers. At Royex Metaverse we can help you uncover new possibilities. Our Metaverse store setup and development services offer an ever-expanding network of 3D visualization, real-time virtual spaces, and digital channels.

Lasting Customer Relationships, Enhance Brand Recognition, More Personalization, Appeal to New Customers, New Sales Channel, Optimize Supply Chain

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Cryptocurrency and the metaverse, which consists of virtual worlds and virtual money to use in them, seem to be related ideas. Both are essential components of "web3," the third generation of the internet after web1 — the internet as we know it today — and web2 — social media.

In the Metaverse, you can purchase items for your virtual avatar, design it and create a realistic image of yourself. The metaverse opens up new opportunities for digital fashion as there are already organizations that create digital clothes to be worn only by avatars in the Metaverse.

Ecommerce can use the Metaverse Store to sell products in various ways. By using Metaverse they can make replicas of real products and send the products directly to the customers. They can also build interactive experiences that allow the customers to try products before buying. Lastly, they can use Metaverse for tracking how customers interact with their products to increase customer retention rates. Metaverse is a new digital platform that allows users to design, sell and use services and products. It offers a distinctive combination of features that make it the perfect platform for brands to sell their products.

In Dubai, there are various development companies that provide Metaverse development services to their worldwide clients. We are one of the leading Metaverse development companies in Dubai. With leading Metaverse App development services and solutions, we can help you uncover new possibilities!

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