MetCity is a Metaverse City for Business, Entertainment, and Socialization. It is our most ambitious project yet. MetCity is an entire city built on the Metaverse. MetCity has all the modern amenities to offer. Like any big city, With tons of leasable and ownable properties and lands, People can buy properties in MetCity via NFT - handled by the OpenSea marketplace.

Each user registering in the MetCity can choose an avatar, shop, socialize and explore the city with their friends and family. There is voice and text chat, tons of actions and socializing elements, and Conference centers - wherein people can attend conferences, ask questions, etc. There is an Event stage with live performances, Clubs, Art galleries, free and paid events, etc.

Key Features of MetCity

  • MetCity has many attractions- a shopping zone, entertainment zone, movie theaters, halls, service stations, and other establishments. 
  • There are many Housing areas where you'll find spacious housing units.
  • The City will have climate changes, day and night time, traffic, and all you seek for an immersive experience.
  • Houses and other buildings in MetCity will be interactive; you can enter these buildings. However, not everyone can enter your property. When you own a house, a passport will be generated, 
  • In the commercial/business zone, you can purchase land and build a complex/building for your business. 
  • The concert zone in MetCity will have space for various live concerts, including open concerts that anyone can attend. There will also be private concerts that will require a ticket to attend.

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