How to enter Web3, NFT, and the Metaverse as a Brand

20 Sep 2022

It's incredible how many businesses have manifested themselves in the Metaverse during the past year. Huge corporations have launched initiatives ranging from NFTs to unique Metaverse experiences that everyone may access from anywhere in the world.

Unbelievable as it may seem, NFTs and the Metaverse will soon play a significant role in branding and marketing.

The metaverse will open up new options for businesses and customers to connect in a new way as a result of the growth of digital commerce. The paper states that, rather than just being a virtual reality environment, "We believe the Metaverse represents the next generation of the internet, combining the physical and digital worlds in a persistent and immersive manner." A device-independent Metaverse accessible through PCs, gaming consoles, and smartphones may produce a huge ecosystem. The audience for the metaverse is predicted to reach closer to 1 billion, even if it is limited to VR/AR devices.

Metaverse platforms have the ability to change how, when, and where businesses communicate with their customers since extended reality platforms enable organizations to create new experiences and deliver information in inventive ways.

The future is not far off with Web3. It is already here, providing cutting-edge digital assets and immersive engagement that is richer, more multifaceted, and more immersive.

Numerous organizations are attempting to stay competitive by implementing the latest technology as they emerge. Web3 is a digital media innovation that is changing the game, but getting involved without doing your study is a big mistake. You must have a fundamental understanding of the technology and a strategy for advancement. Investigate how you may use digital assets in your company if you think they can aid in the development of better marketing campaigns with a new level of involvement. However, you can't end there! Before using them in marketing campaigns, you must also be familiar with digital assets' production, storage, and transfer processes. Your campaigns will probably fail if you don't have a solid understanding of the technology.

Try to comprehend how web3 will affect your company. This entails being aware of the implementation costs as well as how the technology functions and integrates with your current procedures. Many companies believe that all new technologies are worthwhile investments since they are immediately applicable. This isn't always the case, though; occasionally, the new technology won't actually help your company. If web3 isn't the best fit for your brand, that's cool too. Making an awkward relationship won't benefit your brand in any way.

Few Suggestions for Companies Entering New Technology

Few Suggestions for Companies Entering New Technology

We've compiled a list of a few suggestions to assist brands in successfully embracing new technology. Let's examine these suggestions in greater depth.

Know the Fundamentals

Before investing in new technologies, you must first comprehend how they operate. This entails being aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the technology, as well as how it is fuelled.

Determine Your Needs 

Web 3.0

Before making a web3 investment, you must first determine how it will help your brand. For instance, you should be aware of the technology's scalability, the issues it resolves, and how it will integrate with your current procedures.

Invest in the Proper Technology 

Before implementing new technology, you must first determine whether the field is profitable. It is necessary to know the worth of competing chains and protocols, their implementation costs, and whether or not they will scale as your project expands.

When you've decided to invest in web3, start small. Try not to bet everything on every cutting-edge possibility immediately. Start instead with a strategy that is simple to implement and will benefit your company right now. By providing a tiny, limited edition premium drop in order to work with a particular neighborhood, Tiffany's has done this successfully. Discover from them.

Make a Plan 

After deciding to invest in web3, make a plan for its implementation. For instance, you can plan the adoption of new technologies using a technology roadmap.

Find a partner 

Look for a partner who can assist you in putting a web3 plan into action. For instance, you could collaborate with a technology consulting company to locate the appropriate technology partners and adopt new technologies more quickly.

When you've finished implementing web3, test it to see how it performs. Don't be scared to alter your plan if it doesn't go as expected.

When you've put web3 into practice, evaluate your success to see if it's accomplishing your objectives. Is it establishing new linkages with diverse communities? Adding worth for your current clients?

Keep these pointers in mind as you prepare to enter the world of web3. Additionally, you should never stop learning because the digital world is continually changing, and you need to change with it. Although the web3 space is not hostile, individuals can tell when a business is being deceptive. Going all-in entails having a long-term vision and being dedicated to the technology and ecosystem, not just tweeting "gm" and "wagmi."

Web3 is one of the technologies that is accelerating the transformation in digital marketing. This doesn't imply that you must purchase every new technology right away, but it does imply that you must comprehend how they operate and how they might help your company.

But the immersive setting of the metaverse offers opportunities to businesses that serve consumers as well. There are many business applications, from educating future surgeons to demonstrating products to retail staff. For instance, the leadership of tech company Nvidia believes that investing in metaverse simulations of industries like manufacturing and logistics will cut waste and hasten the development of better business solutions. And Microsoft is positioning its cloud services as the metaverse's infrastructure, using its Mesh platform to allow avatars and immersive spaces to interact with one another. Many of these more innovative virtual business experiences will probably become even more pertinent to how businesses communicate with their employees and customers in post-Covid hybrid or remote working situations.

Each brand needs to establish its niche and balance the risk-reward ratio for enterprises that are still on the sidelines. To do this, one must understand what is feasible, and the businesses that are moving quickly can serve as both models and sources of inspiration. For instance, many brands are taking full advantage of the metaverse's gaming component with branded experiences that are essentially virtual and immersive sponsorships. While Nike is a well-known company, it is undoubtedly leading the way at the assertive end of the spectrum by applying for patents for virtual goods. Most recently, they acquired RTFKT, a company that creates virtual accessories and collectibles for the metaverse.

The new habits that are developing around "social commerce," commonly known as purchasing goods and services straight from people you meet online, have a bigger impact on the metaverse's business applications.

Because of this, the social media sector is eager to make money from the moment users connect and make purchases on a standard internet site and in a 3D, immersive metaverse. There is a chance that niche experiments with virtual showrooms, runways, and changing rooms will become commonplace applications.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

In fact, Sotheby's just revealed its own metaverse gallery for carefully curated virtual art hosted in Decentraland, proving that individuals aren't only selling tangible stuff. As capabilities grow, new business models for influencers, virtual products, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), unique creations sold and safeguarded on a blockchain, and commerce on physical things bought in virtual worlds will all become more significant.

Brands should constantly experiment and learn, and the digital environment, in particular, necessitates curiosity. The metaverse has the potential to be the next step in the evolution of how people connect, communicate, and transact online, so waiting too long to get involved is probably not a viable option.

Here is How Brands can Start Entering the Metaverse :

Pick Your Goal

Your speed of assault should be adjusted based on how much time your target markets and customers spend in the metaverse. Younger-targeted brands, for instance, rarely have the luxury of spending a long time absent from the metaverse. How quickly you enter the metaverse depends on your target audience and what currently popular behaviors are among your present and potential customers.

Observe the Competition

To get the conversation rolling among the executive team, start by bringing up instances when similar businesses have taken action in the metaverse, such as a showcase at a leadership conference. A lot of the space might be scary, especially when concepts like NFTs or blockchain, which appear to be impenetrable, are involved. Can you designate a champion for these issues to attend every meeting and present relatable, concrete examples?

Find Applications

Check to see if the metaverse offers your business the chance to test new things and advance purposes or long-term objectives like sustainability, which is ideally suited to many metaverse applications. Nearly every CMO has made a public commitment to sustainability-related ESGs or will do so shortly. These commitments will also soon be quantified. What can you pilot in the metaverse to tet more environmentally friendly customer service methods?

Make an Entrance Plan

Request that your agency team starts developing a position on how and when your brand should appear in the metaverse. Asking holding businesses and independent agencies what they see throughout their client roster is a terrific opportunity because they closely observe mass media behaviors and upcoming trends. What experiments may they run to facilitate the exposure of your brand to the metaverse?

Maintain Your Balance

If you are already there, get ready for the risk and reward that comes with every new environment; manage in a way that considers the possibility of extreme unpredictability and a lack of norms. The good news is that the recent epidemic has greatly improved our community's agility. The plainly obvious won't be stated through experiments. Second Life once promised the metaverse, but it never took off. However, there was little or no long-term risk to the collaborating corporations. If now is the appropriate time, it is crucial to plan your arrival.

Most essential, those in brand marketing or leadership positions must consider how to unlock their imagination and storytelling abilities. We should be delighted to develop experiences at any stage in the customer journey, from acquisition to engagement to the transaction to customer service, which can be both spectacular and stickier than previously if the creative palette grows dimensions in the metaverse. At some point, we'll probably want to go seamlessly from the real world to the virtual one. The next frontier will be there.

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