Ajman Police Enters The Metaverse - Does Metaverse Need To Be Policed?

19 Oct 2022

Ajman Police has become the first police department to offer its services to clients using Metaverse technology, according to a tweet from the authority, 

The Ajman Police General Command also introduced the "Request for Sponsorship" service at Gitex Technology Week, a new smart service that enables the general public to contact the police remotely.

The Ajman Police General Command also attended the Dubai Metaverse Forum. According to Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Abdullah Abu Shehab, the force took part in making use of metaverse technology in the sphere of law enforcement.

The Ajman Police's effort makes it the first ever police organization to offer its services to clients via metaverse technology.

The Ajman Police are accessible to the public through the Metaverse, a virtual reality platform where avatars of the police will respond to inquiries.

The metaverse technology training for seven police officers at Al Nuaimaiah police station includes teaching how to utilize VR goggles and headsets. To determine the service's viability, it was tested locally.

Maj. Noura Sultan Al Shamsi, director of the Ajman Police's public relations unit, stated that although this was a trial, it had been effective and that the police would continue to visit locals digitally.

According to her, cops met with locals before the service's introduction. They decided to investigate the usage of virtual meetings to make things simpler for those who might not be able to reach the station in person.

The Dubai Police General Command announced the release of a new edition of its smart application on the second day of Gitex Global 2022. This application has a premium collection of 70 customized services that use the newest programming languages and artificial intelligence.

Notably, the UAE seeks to adopt new technology to address social issues, and the metaverse presents an opportunity for the police to establish a new communication channel.

Thanks to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai, the UAE is on the verge of achieving its promise as a global hub for the metaverse.


Does Metaverse need to be policed?

does metaverse need to be policed?

Think of a metaverse scenario where two characters are virtually attacked. What follows is what?

It may sound completely unbelievable, but experts think that the potential for criminal activity in the metaverse, including assault, hacking, and avatar rape, has not yet been adequately examined.

Governments, tech firms, and law enforcement agencies now face a new challenge: how to police the metaverse, a virtual environment where users may live their lives as avatars.

What would policing entail in the metaverse? First, the platforms might monitor user behavior using internet tools and artificial intelligence. Meta even provided a function where users may forbid others from connecting with them to curb negative behavior, which places the obligation on users.

Law enforcement organizations now have a new area to police and investigate because of the surroundings provided by immersive technology. Cyberbullying, image-based abuse, sexual extortion, and the grooming of youngsters for sexual abuse are all threats to users. The usual demography of these locations may make all of these issues worse.

Children and young adults are particularly fond of online communication and gaming. Criminals may use avatars in immersive gaming settings to target youngsters while hiding their genuine identities and ages. They may also offer a venue for sharing abuse recordings. Children might not yet have the critical thinking skills necessary to recognize threats in the hyper-realistic settings produced by immersive technology.

Since more than 50% of women and girls reported having experienced online abuse, there have already been worries regarding user safety. Additionally, there is mounting proof that immersive technology and the metaverse may worsen the issue.

The risk to personal data security has been added to these difficulties with online personal safety. High amounts of data, including biometric, geographic, and personal information, are gathered in immersive environments. Due to this, criminals may have more possibilities to commit fraud, identity theft, and internet scams. When combined with the rise of virtual currency, Immersive technology may provide criminals with a borderless area to victimize people outside of the areas traditionally protected by law enforcement and judicial organizations.


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