NFT Creation and Minting

There is no doubt that the ground-breaking use of non-fungible tokens is here to stay now that NFTs are on everyone's radar. NFTs give companies a new platform to connect with their communities and develop novel brand experiences. 

With revolutionary and disruptive uses of blockchain becoming visible across sectors, it is becoming more and more obvious that the potential of NFTs goes well beyond digital art.

Developers can launch NFTs quickly with the most cutting-edge technologies, thanks to RoyexMetaverse's all-in-one NFT launchpad.

We have ready-to-use tools to mint and publish NFTs on any online NFT store such as OpenSea or Rarible.

Why Us?

Why choose us for NFT minting?

We follow the best practices for NFT minting efficiently and securely to help you own your desired NFTs.

Open-source contracts

Increased accountability, trust, and transparency

IPFS file hosting

For increased security and lifespan, your files are decentralized.

Frozen metadata

Ensures that your work is not misplaced or altered.

Verified identity

Gain the confidence of collectors and safeguard your work.

ERC-721 token specification

We adhere to the ERC-721 token standard with our smart contracts.

EIP-2981 royalty specification

Receive royalties each time your work is sold.

Our Process

How will we mint NFTs for you?

We will mint NFTs in the following manner:

1. Create a wallet

We will build a digital wallet on the platform where you want to use your NFT.

2. Select the NFT Marketplace

Security and reliability of the marketplaces are common factors when choosing an NFT marketplace.

3. Update details about NFTs

Your NFT's name must be mentioned. Additionally, you will have the choice to include other information, including a summary of your NFT.

4. Gas fee and upload

Once you're done producing them, your wallet will ask for money to cover the network gas expenses. You may now see how much cash you'll need to create your NFT.

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