Why Is Interoperability Vital For Metaverse?

10 Nov 2022

In the metaverse, the interoperability of different virtual platforms is quite challenging. This is because different virtual worlds and games have different rules, assets, 3D avatars, and currencies. Interoperability will allow users to move between these different worlds seamlessly, like in the real world, without any issues.

In simple words, the interoperable metaverse is an open-source virtual platform. Interoperability is the ability of a system to exchange information with other systems. Metaverse's interoperability is in the domain of AR and VR. It allows users to interact with virtual objects and environments and transfer and share data and content between different platforms. Metaverse has been designed to be a platform for exchanging and storing data among various applications. How seamlessly an open metaverse can mimic real-life activity depends on this interoperability. It opens up multiple capabilities, including moving freely through these virtual worlds and taking their identities, entitlements, and goods.

Why is Interoperability Vital for Metaverse

Metaverse is not only a virtual world to visit, people can buy & sell properties, conduct meetings, showcase brand products & so on. Interoperability is important because multiple metaverse platforms are developing, so multiple metaverse vendors will be there. People will display their NFT or assets in every world. As Metaverse interoperability is the ability to share, exchange, and transact data and value in a decentralized environment, users will have to depend on a single platform if there is any platform dependency.

Interoperability in the metaverse is critical & vital, focusing on the consumer market, as consumers can retain their data, content, and avatars in all of their value even if they change platforms. For instance, if your avatars buy Nike sneakers & want to wear them on another virtual platform, there will be no restrictions on it. This approach helps generate sales that create a greater metaverse economy. An ideal example of metaverse interoperability that adds value to it’s economy- brands can share digital twins of a supply chain with trusted business partners that helps to plan collaboration projects.

Some key reasons for metaverse interoperability are

•  It allows users to connect & interact with other metaverse platform users. It creates new opportunities & experiences in a wider range.

•  Interoperable metaverse is more enjoyable as well as rewarding to explore

•  Users don’t have to face any platform barriers like being blocked by other platforms.

•  It increases the confidence of users to purchase across all platforms.


Though Metaverse is in its early stages of development, some projects are already working to create an interoperable Metaverse. One of the projects is the Open Metaverse Foundation. It is working on creating an open-source platform where different virtual worlds can interoperate with each other.

Elements Of Interoperability In The Metaverse

Identity: It’s like the assets & rights of any individual in the virtual world. Identity creates the key chain of trust that helps to connect individuals for sharing assets & data across all the platforms. In today’s world, we trust a brand that has a strong identity on social media, linked to Google and Apple. But in the metaverse world, trust will be built based on the brand’s identity over the IAM infrastructure. identities are not only the avatars representing the user. Every user can own multiple avatar representations in the same world. Identities connect the information to an avatar, including its wallet and history, preference, reputation, and abilities.

3D Rendering: 3D rendering of virtual objects have many standard levels depending on the platforms. So, 3D rendering engines & modeling should be interoperable. As an example, headsets we have to use to explore the metaverse need to be used on all the platforms without any technical issues. Users should be able to share 3D objects across platforms and render them at scale.

Data Sharing: It refers to sharing ownership & permission. Open metaverse must have a decentralized approach to sharing data. Metaverse interoperability also allows for data to be exchanged and transactions to occur across different blockchain networks through decentralized applications (DApps). This enables users from one blockchain network to interact with another blockchain network’s DApps without going through intermediaries like centralized servers or exchanges. Through NFTs, users can buy & sell assets, which is a common blockchain use case. Using sophisticated NFTs, users will be able to enable a revenue-sharing model by which they can control how their data will be shared on metaverse, who can reuse it.

So, you can assume that the perks of metaverse interoperability are numerous & diverse. As it allows you to move freely from one virtual world to another, it will help businesses in various way to set up their presence on multiple platforms simultaneously. Also, it enables us to experience a seamless integration between the virtual & physical world by mimicking our activities. Lastly, an interoperable Metaverse makes it easier for the creator to create and distribute content at a time on different platforms. 


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