Why Does NEOM Need A Digital Twin?

23 Nov 2022

The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and data analytics are the three convergent fields where digital twin technology has advanced beyond manufacturing.

Having a digital twin allows data scientists and other IT workers to optimize deployments for maximum efficiency and develop various what-if scenarios as more complicated "things" become linked and have the potential to produce data.

A digital twin represents a physical system or item in the digital world. Buildings, factories, and even cities may now have digital twins thanks to technology. Some individuals have even suggested that people and processes might have digital twins, further broadening the idea.


How Does a Digital Twin Work?

how does digital twin work

Professionals first create a digital twin, frequently data scientists or applied mathematicians. These programmers investigate the physics behind the physical system or item being imitated and then utilize the information they learn to create a mathematical model replicating the original in digital space.

The twin is designed to be able to take information from sensors collecting data from a physical counterpart. As a result, the twin can imitate the actual thing in real-time and provide insights into its functionality and possible issues.

The twin might also be created using a physical counterpart's prototype, which could offer suggestions as the final product is being developed; Even before a physical replica is created, a twin might act as its own prototype.

Although they are two distinct concepts, the words "simulation" and "digital twin" are frequently used interchangeably. A simulation can be created using a CAD system or other comparable platform and put through its paces, but it might not be an exact replica of a real-world physical thing. 

Contrarily, a digital twin is created using data from IoT sensors on the equipment, allowing it to duplicate real-world systems and adapt to those systems' changing needs. A digital twin gives all elements of the organization insight into how a product or system they are presently using is performing right now, unlike simulations, which are often used during the planning phase of a product's lifecycle to predict how a future product would work.

What is NEOM?


NEOM is the premier commercial and tourist development in Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea coast, and Prince Mohammed first announced it in 2017. It is a major undertaking in the 2030 Vision, which outlines the kingdom's goals for economic diversification.

Smart cities and towns, ports, business districts, research facilities, sports and entertainment venues, and tourist attractions will all be part of the $500 billion plan.

The development will include a total area of 26,500 square kilometers and be divided into several zones, including logistical and industrial sectors. It is anticipated to be finished in 2025.

An international airport is one of a network of airports included in the plans. The first, located in Sharma's northern area and known as NEOM Bay Airport, began offering regular flights for NEOM personnel and investors last year.

The Line

The Line will be only 200 meters (656 ft) wide but 170 kilometers (105 miles) long and 500 meters (1,640 ft) high. Nine million people will live on The Line, which will be created in Neom, in connected civilizations governed by artificial intelligence and intended to coexist with nature. Excavation for this enormous project has already begun.

This future development will prioritize walkability, renewable energy, and technology to establish a new way of living while addressing the traffic, pollution, and infrastructure concerns that overwhelm urban life in traditional cities.

Neom is intended to address some of the most important global issues affecting metropolitan areas and to encourage a different way of life.


To demonstrate how closely entwined humans are with nature; the city will retain 95% of the surrounding natural area.

Neom will have a carbon-positive, zero-emission environment since all of its energy sources—solar, wind, and hydrogen-based power generation—are 100% renewable.

Neom, according to those behind the project, will be a regional leader in producing and storing water, focusing on desalination. Interoperable, high-tech systems will entice water research organizations and start-ups to promote innovation and take the lead in all areas of the water business.

Neom's water distribution system will be fully interconnected thanks to cutting-edge construction. Neom will be at the forefront of water technology due to minimizing water loss.


Why Does NEOM need a Digital Twin?


Before we explain why the NEOM city needs a digital twin, NEOM has already announced the development of a digital twin platform for NEOM in February 2022. 

A Neom subsidiary called Neom Tech & Digital Company is developing a 3D cognitive digital twin metaverse platform to enable a "ground-breaking, mixed-reality" urban living paradigm. Its first subsidiary, Neom Tech & Digital Company (now called Tonomus) )was established in 2021 with the mission of assisting in developing an ecosystem of cognitive technologies to jointly co-invent the future of life. 

To further Tonomus' plan to establish Neom as the first "cognitive community," the business has committed $1 billion in AI initiatives until 2022, including a metaverse platform.

The platform, known as XVRS, was unveiled at the Leap22 technology conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on February 1-3, 2022. XVRS aims to combine the virtual and physical worlds seamlessly by fusing digital and physical structures with hyper-connected technologies and artificial intelligence (AI).

As an avatar, hologram, or robotic avatar, users of XVRS will be able to appear in several locations around the metaverse in real time (through teleportation).

The major features of this metaverse will include the following:

  • A mixed-reality twin with "live cognitive virtual twins" is a "dynamic digital twin."
  • Allowing simultaneous physical-digital presence with immersive mixed reality
  • A market for digital assets: integrated cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) transaction platform.

According to Neom, the cognitive metaverse it has created can spur economic diversification and open up huge opportunities for the company, the Kingdom, its international partners, and cities worldwide.


But how can a digital twin benefit NEOM, really?

digital twin benefits

In new and innovative ways, digital twins may optimize planning, operations, financing, and decision-making for emissions reduction in big, complex building projects and assets. Users can win from significant cost savings, productivity improvements, and citywide carbon emission reductions. A digital twin of a structure, a neighborhood, or even the entire city from the perspective of city administration may be very helpful for both urban planning and the operation and maintenance of physical assets.

The introduction of several technologies, such as loT, Al, and big data, allowed for the collection, analysis, and utilization of numerous previously ignored data types. Now that digital twin technology is available, officials may be able to reduce the price and carbon emissions of new construction while avoiding expensive alterations once a project is finished.

As authorities work to lessen the effects of climate change, it may also allow towns to evaluate the efficiency of various countermeasures against increasing sea levels and urban heat.

One may digitally test and implement policies, design ideas, and building techniques in the actual world by building digital twins of cities. By using digital twins, cities may be created, run, maintained, and sustained in a way that improves the quality of life for its residents.

Effective Policy Making

The digital twin technology may help municipal authorities and other local governing bodies by allowing them to use the data for planning, establishing investment programs, and spotting possibilities. Before adopting recommended policies in the actual world, they might simulate them in the virtual environment and analyze their effects. Cities worldwide are investing in digital twin technology for various reasons, from sustainability to transit-oriented development, building retrofitting projects, and the potential for virtual tourism.

Reduced Environmental Risk

Digital twin technology can assist in charting the future environment and its influence on cities in light of the worrying rise in global warming and climate change. The evolution of the physical city can be guided by information from the virtual city, such as the increase in sea levels and the shifting of tectonic plates. By evaluating the risk, cities can be better prepared to prevent natural catastrophes like floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and cyclones.

Structural stability audit

Building collapses caused by shoddy construction are becoming commonplace in cities and cost lives and valuable resources. Before the actual building process starts, a digital twin can be created to assess the compatibility of the materials and procedures. This will contribute to developing safe and wholesome neighborhoods that promote the growth of urban communities. Civic authorities can utilize the information to assess the structural soundness of historic buildings and to plan the timely evacuation of the area to avoid any physical harm.

Reduce operational and energy costs

The building services system may be optimized using data from digital twins, which would lower the structure's energy use and operating expenses. Urban planners may also see the potential for solar gain on building rooftops to power structures. In the digital twin city, the whole range of renewable energy sources may always be investigated to lessen the urban heat island effect and increase a building's self-sufficiency.

Network Infrastructure Improvement

Transport planners and urban planners can assess the potential for bottlenecks and traffic congestion in the physical city using the data from digital twin cities. By tracking the increase of on-road cars, it is possible to anticipate the need for flyovers and road extensions. It is possible to test and design the Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) in the best way possible to accommodate urban sprawl and improve public transportation in cities.

Virtual tourism

The potential of digital twinning extends beyond the specifics of urban planning and includes the possibility of generating income through virtual tourism. At the same time, 360-degree images of roads and structures are already on the market. The next phase in this technique is digital twinning. People can do more than merely observe a location with digital twins. In the virtual city, they may buy, play, learn, and even participate in civic duties.

Royex Metaverse can help build a digital twin for NEOM

Royex Metaverse can build digital twin

Royex Metaverse is a leading Metaverse development company in the Middle East. We have designed and developed Metaverse components like 3D models, Metaverse NFT markets, spatial mapping, virtual showrooms, virtual events, real estate, 3D tours, Metaverse Stores, and more using our Blockchain, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality skills.

Our most notable work in the Metaverse industry is developing a complete city in the Metaverse - MetCity. MetCity has dedicated areas for the Mall, Business Zones, Housing, and Exhibition/Concert Areas. You can also purchase plots in MetCity, conduct events, and socialize in this Metaverse. 

We have also developed a metaverse called Nanoverse, where Dr. Mohamad Mahathir became the world’s first global leader in delivering a speech on Metaverse. 

Therefore, we have the expertise and experience to develop a digital twin for NEOM. Royex Metaverse would be proud to collaborate and work with NEOM.

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