Top 5 Trends that will Drive Metaverse in 2023

28 Nov 2022

Metaverse has been the most talked about word in the tech community since 2022 after Facebook rebranded its name to Meta. Metaverse is going to be the next digital platform where users can work, enjoy & socialize simultaneously.  Different metaverse platforms are focused on different goals, as Nvidia & Microsoft are developing Metaverse, which collaborates both digital projects & work, where Meta is focusing on creating a digital environment that will accelerate business in every way possible.

Leveraging 3D computing, metaverse service will provide a better customer experience where blockchain, NFT & cryptocurrency will help to cater secure payment & transaction. Also, the metaverse NFT marketplace will lead to more business opportunities & increase sales on digital platforms. The functionality of augmented & virtual reality will increase immensely as they help to interact with avatars & create digital content.

So, no doubt, Metaverse will soon replace many more of our regular activities in real-life & take technology in a completely different direction. So, let’s talk about some upcoming metaverse trends that will be powered by VR/MR/XR, AI, blockchain, WebVR & game engines.

Top 5 Metaverse Trends In 2023

Virtual Event Hosting

Virtual Event Hosting

Metaverse events will be the most hyped use case in the upcoming years. Metaverse platform has made it more easy to host or advertise events conveniently. As per research, metaverse can achieve nearly $800B by hosting live events & ads. Fortnite arranged a concert that 10.7M users attended. So, we can assume how versatile metaverse can be in the upcoming 2023 to organize any kind of corporate events, live concerts, including promoting those events.

Sophisticated Metaverse Avatars

Sophisticated Metaverse Avatars

Avatars are hyper-realistic  3D avatars developed by sophisticated modeling techniques and electromyography to render human movement/features & advanced AI. To perform any kind of service & activities, metaverse avatars are integral. In the metaverse, 3D avatars will be more advanced & sophisticated as avatars can sense your body movements, such as moveable limbs, upper and lower torsos, and a face capable of expression. Specifically, full-body avatars will lead the virtual worlds as they are closer to mimicking real-life activities.

New Marketing Channel

New Marketing Channel

Metaverse will be the mainstream line for marketing purposes in the web 3.0 era. Although the marketing concept is yet to develop completely, giants companies like Nike, Gucci, HSBC & many other business giants have started to build their metaverse presence. This approach will lead the upcoming marketing trends as our consumers are always looking forward to engaging with the brands more engagingly. Also, the one-to-one connection with the brands will improve users’ e-commerce shopping experience is another way of communicating & marketing.

Virtual Art Galleries

Virtual Art Galleries

If we consider the growing popularity of digital assets or NFTs, virtual art galleries will be the biggest metaverse trend. In metaverse trends, virtual art galleries are considered a widely adopted industry. With digital art galleries, visitors can walk through their favorite galleries in the digital space. For art lovers, this is going to be the biggest upgrade to the metaverse platform. ArtMeta is a kind of metaverse platform where you can sell artwork as NFTs, which help both artists & galleries to work together for metaverse tokenization. It also helps & trains artists to go inside of NFT market, as most of the artists are not fully aware of the advantage of NFT.

Metaverse As A Corporate World

Metaverse As A Corporate World

We can expect metaverse as a  virtual corporate space where business & office work will be done remotely & efficiently. There will be a huge impact on corporate e-skills & development because of the emergence of AR, VR, and AI in the metaverse. According to a report, in nearly 2030, around a 23Million jobs will be impacted by AR/VR. As an example, Accenture consulting giant has developed a metaverse environment named The Nth Floor that actually replicated real-world offices, and lets employees do their tasks & HR-related functions within the virtual world.  

How Royex Metaverse Can Help You?

How Royex Metaverse Can Help You?

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