Megatrends That Will Shape Metaverse

20 Feb 2023

After the announcement of Meta by Mark Zuckerberg, the metaverse has already created a storm between innovators & technophiles. Undoubtedly, it has become a buzzword due to the innumerable interests of entrepreneurs to business leaders. The idea of the metaverse was first proposed by author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel Snow Crash; now, it has become a massive progress which is labelled the next phase of the internet.

This new technological wave has immensely hit the technical fields and several other industries, such as media, entertainment, ecommerce, healthcare, and gaming sectors. For instance, giants companies like Nike, Gucci, HSBC & many other business giants have started to build their metaverse presence. Also, after Covid-19 & its lockdown effect, people are now more enclasping as an ideal source of social life. Hence the virtual world has been building & developing faster than ever & it’s getting true shape with the advancement of technology VR/MR/XR, AI, blockchain, WebVR & game engines.

So, no doubt, Metaverse will soon replace many more of our regular activities in real-life & take technology in a completely different direction. In this article, we will review some biggest metaverse trends that will shape the future of the metaverse.


6 Megatrends Shaping The Metaverse

6 Megatrends Shaping The Metaverse

Rise Of Digital Assets

Digital assets in the metaverse represent someone’s actual presence. Digital commodities have become more popular & famous tech-geeks & investors. Also, metaverse & NFTs are interconnected. Digital assets are important regarding the interoperability of the metaverse, especially in metaverse gaming. Users have to carry their avatars from one digital platform to another. Non-fungible tokens are becoming integral in disrupting the traditional social networking paradigm. In the virtual world, owning an NFT is a signal that supports attending any metaverse project, sharing & transfer any perspective of the real & virtual world.

Virtual Mainstreaming

In this era, people are now considering the virtual world & real world equally. In the real world, relationships, organisations & institutions function on trust, as this is the sole foundation of low companies' works on a legal framework, how the market continues to function & even how the relationship works. Hence trust makes the system scalable at every level. Like the physical world, trust also continues to rule on the virtual platform. From online friends to smart contracts to crypto assets to live online experiences- trust eventually increases the scalability of metaverse & its co-related industries. But we must remember that every trend is associated with its trends. Cybercrime is the biggest example of online frauding. Also, online bullying, ransomware attacks, phishing accounts & various online frauding will increase because of believing in virtual relationships. To overcome these barriers, we all need proper online education, supportive communities & virtual literacy.

Rise OF Low Code Platform

Low-code applications or no-code platforms are rapidly emerging on the verge of popular demand. These types of platforms incorporate higher abstraction like drag-and-drop functions and visual scaffolding. LCAP can easily replace the process of hand-coding, applications & logic. As the development process of any metaverse platform is crucial, LCAP can be a convenient option for the developers & creators as well. One of the biggest benefits of this megatrend is that non-programmes can contribute to the development process. Though this is not the only reason why enterprises are adopting this platform, there is a huge variation of automation that helps in project workflow, deployment, security & integration with other platforms. These will eventually decrease the huge workload in the manual development process. On the other hand, content creation in the metaverse will be easier due to various creator tools.

Machine Intelligence

Machine intelligence is a sub-term of machine learning methods that also associates deep learning & artificial intelligence. Nowadays, machines are doing half of the human activities. Machine intelligence is converging everywhere, from e-commerce to social media to AR/VR. We live where online engagement to advertising all depends on learning algorithms, so metaverse is no different. Machine intelligence also incorporates image recognition & language processing. Metaverse will be a place where deep learning, natural language learning, image recognition, and all the trends will blend together to provide an immense experience. AI will be used to design microchips & generate code for programmers. The machine will be used to interpret gestures, predict eye looks, recognise emotions, and even the firing of our neurons. In short, MI will be used as a design consultant & service architecture.

Distributed Networks

The metaverse is accelerating, so the network should be. The 5G network is not the only one that will increase the speed, concurrency & latency of the mobile network, 6G will be 10-100 times faster in terms of these indicators. To support metaverse, accelerated speed is necessary because when a huge amount of user participates in the same network & share real-time data, network issue will happen. As power computing has shifted to the remote network edge, sometimes it will happen that the information will be preprocessed and presented to your cybernetic device. In the near future, many local computing devices and data feeds will need to interoperate quickly. This sometimes means edge prediction, where applications in the Metaverse predictions of behaviours and physics are accurate enough.

Blockchain Adoption

In simple words, a blockchain is a decentralised and immutable ledger that can store data securely. It is public and verifiable, which makes it a perfect candidate for the metaverse. It is a distributed ledger technology for data & digital assets. The metaverse 3D technologies are directly related to blockchain technology. Metaverse is an open-source, public blockchain that aims to create an ecosystem where digital and physical realities are connected seamlessly. This means that Metaverse will serve as the foundation for digital assets and the development of smart properties and autonomous systems. Blockchain is considered trustless because no central authorities control your information. The more nodes participate in the network, the more powerful it becomes. Hence, as a group, they can perform different activities like virtual games & financial legos.

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