Best Metaverse Platforms To Invest In 2023

23 Dec 2022

Rebranding Facebook to meta has made a significant impact toward a metaverse-centric future. The metaverse is an immersive 3D virtual environment where people can interact with each other and share ideas. It's a space where people can explore their thoughts and imagination by creating their own worlds and realities. The metaverse is becoming more popular as we approach the web 3.0 world.

For enterprises & businesses, it will be the biggest challenge to introduce their venture on various metaverse platforms. Evaluating the existing metaverse platforms can help us understand how the metaverse can be a frontier & revolutionize the future of digital services and solutions. There are many reasons why enterprises should keep an eye on the top metaverse platforms- an immersive experience that is offered by these platforms is unmatched,  provide a new way of interacting with customers and employees & offer a new way of thinking about the future of the company. With technological development, it has become easier for enterprises to explore and adopt new platforms to help them make their business more competitive in the market.

This article will discuss some best metaverse platforms and explore the features & potential benefits of investing in metaverse-based projects.


Top Metaverse Platform To Invest In 2023

Top Metaverse Platform To Invest In 2023


Metcity is developed to give customers a unique metaverse experience. Like other big cities, Metcity is designed with all modern facilities, such as shopping malls, art galleries, cinema halls, parks, museums, gardens, etc. Unlike other metaverse platforms, the avatars & the other surroundings will be more lifelike. 

Meta Mall is a four-storied shopping mall where popular brands can store it as NFTs. The stores will be available on the popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea. Users can buy products via cash/card/crypto. Apart from that, Metcity includes features like art galleries- users can have a walkthrough of the city, which is filled with surprises. Metcity art galleries will provide a real-world experience to the users & it will cost a nominal fee for the artist to showcase their art. On top of that, Metcity includes events or concert venues where you can invite your friends & have fun. In Metcity, there are designated zones with purposes like housing zone, business zone & concert zone. Users can purchase empty lands with restricted house usage, like building houses or playgrounds. In short, Metcity will be the next business hub of a modern city developed on the metaverse.



Decentraland is one of the oldest & top virtual platforms with numerous potential. Decentraland is the first ever blockchain-based virtual reality platform powered by a decentralized economy. It is more than just a game; it's an immersive 3D world where you can conduct conferences, play games, and trade virtual products in marketplaces. It is a huge metaverse platform that invests in virtual land. The land ownership is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. Here, lands are structured as digital assets or NFTs. As users have full control of the environment, they can build anything for playing & living. Users can buy land using its native token called MANA.  Decentraland is designed as DAO( Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which means users can actually own the platform & they can vote on governance proposals on elements like treasury distribution or UI changes.


The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a digital gaming world where users will be able to create and sell digital content within the game through SAND - an in-game token or currency and is developed on the base of the Ethereum blockchain network. Users can acquire SAND by participating in the platform’s games and competitions or buying cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance. Sandbox is famous for its security & stability. It also provides a decentralized NFT gaming experience based on the Ethereum blockchain. Players are allowed in Sandbox to create, sell, purchase, and monetize virtual reality NFTs. Sandbox is a single-layer Metaverse platform divided evenly into a grid. All the lands are the same size, and users can combine their plots to generate bigger places. In this gaming ecosystem, creators build & monetize their 3D voxels & develop the gaming experience.


Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-powered game based on NFTs. This metaverse platform is a little bit different. You will be welcomed by flying robots, beasts & hammer-wielding mutants. It actually combines a gameplay environment of a creature-centric world & a chance to earn something. It is a gaming universe platform where players can breed digital pets named Axis. These creatures are designed as NFTs. Players on this platform trade the Axis within the metaverse.  They can use their virtual pets to build, expand & defend their universe during wars or battles. Using the native token AXS, players can buy and cash out ajolote-inspired creatures. Moreover, on this platform, beginners level players must complete quests to acquire experience & advanced levels, and players can declare wars against them. The difference between Axie infinity & other traditional game is that players can create a blockchain-based economy within this platform. Whenever players get to a higher level, they can enjoy a certain amount of benefits from that ecosystem.



Cryptovoxels is a popular Ethereum blockchain-based metaverse platform. It is considered one of the top metaverse platforms supporting various NFTs. It offers virtual gaming space which is usable on PC. Apart from that, users can organize regular virtual events easily. On the other hand, users can create their own virtual lands, like metaverse real estate & put them on sale. Empty virtual lands can be leveraged for art galleries, collaboration spaces, streets & other purposes. Cryptovoxels is one of the popular platforms for trading NFTs, which includes multiple digital collectables.



RobotEra’s ecosystem is similar to Sandbox's virtual ecosystem. $TARO is its in-game token which is powered by the ERC-20 protocol. It has already started its presale on Nov 22 to buy the TARO token. RobotEra is offering its user to join the TARO planet virtual environment, which is the most promising metaverse project to invest in. Here users can participate as Robots- treated as NFTs. These robots are minted as ERC-721 smart contract protocols. The TARO planet combines seven continents where users can leverage the robots to explore. Users can use the planet to build villas, magnificent underground places & anything they want. The lands of the planet are also considered NFTs. Users can purchase Land to build structures, mine for resources, and create new NFTs.


MetaFluence City

It is an influence-driven metaverse platform. On this platform, citizens can showcase & sell their NFTs, organize virtual events, create a Metacommerce shop, own virtual properties, and share properties as neighbours of any popular brands & influencers. This decentralized web 3.0 platform offers users Metaverse Land plot that owners can convert into a metahut or sell as NFT in any virtual marketplace. Metafluence includes METAHUT, a metaverse residence for accommodating event rooms, shopping rooms, NFT rooms & other activities. METO is the native currency used to purchase, make transactions, buy/sell virtual lands/properties, event tickets & services, digital collectables & Metafluence assets. You will find popular influencers like Darry! Boo, who are ready to showcase their NFTs in their residence.


Star Atlas

It is a massive space & blockchain-based strategic gaming platform. Star Atlas is also known as a next-generation gaming metaverse platform. It provides groundbreaking, new & innovative science fiction experiences using Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite graphics technology based on the Solona network. For better transaction speed, these platforms facilitate the benefit of the Solona blockchain. This platform offers interstellar experiences of galaxies, spaces, and civilizations in the virtual universe. In Star Atlas, users who team up with others can select spaceships to explore different planets or universes. Each player can also have their own spaceship. This metaverse game’s assets are also structured as NFTs, which means you can trade the digital assets on another marketplace. The native in-game currency of Star Atlas is ATLAS, but there is another secondary token called POLISH by which users can buy digital assets like ships, crew & land on the game.


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