Meta Connect Conference 2022 - Meta Quest Pro, Meta Avatars, Workplace VR and More Announced

14 Oct 2022

The Quest Pro was the main focus of this year's Meta Connect, but the firm also unveiled some other noteworthy products and improvements. Beyond releasing a new VR gadget, Meta described how it was working to broaden the metaverse, including collaborations with other tech firms, licensing agreements with media conglomerates, and adding new avatar body parts.

Here is all the information you want about Meta Connect 2022.


Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro

The eagerly awaited Meta Quest Pro is a significant improvement over the current Quest 2. It costs $1,499, which makes sense, given its updates. The headset is smaller and lighter than the Quest 2 and features cutting-edge pancake optics that provide 75% greater contrast than Meta Quest 2. The battery has been shifted from the front to the rear of the headset, where it bends to rest on your head. This is in part due to the device's flat pancake lenses.

Full-color mixed reality means that graphics will be overlaid on top of the real environment. Your living room is just beyond the screens that make up your virtual office. A light-blocking gasket option is also available for the device. You may easily take them off thanks to the magnets that hold them on so you can explore a virtual environment while seeing the surroundings.

New inward-facing sensors will enable eye tracking and more realistic facial expressions on avatars, enabling greater real-world interactions in the metaverse, according to Meta.

The Meta Quest Pro includes new controllers with a detachable pen tip for writing and drawing in virtual reality. New sensors make a 360-degree range of motion possible, and the virtual environment feels even more authentic thanks to new haptics.


VR integration in the workplace

vr integration in the workplace

The application of virtual reality (VR) technology in the workplace was a major theme of Zuckerberg's keynote. He talked about how Autodesk, Adobe, and Accenture partnered with Meta in bringing the metaverse to their remote workforce.

Then Satya Nadella, the chairman and CEO of Microsoft, joined Mark Zuckerberg to talk about a new alliance between the two corporate behemoths that they think will make virtual reality (VR) the future workplace. Quest 2 and Pro will support Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Windows 365, Microsoft Intune, and Azure Active Directory. Additionally, you may utilize your Meta Avatar in Teams.

A breakout group function, sticky notes for the program's already-available virtual whiteboards, and a Zoom connection will all be added to Meta's current Workroom offering. Additionally, there will be four different "personal settings" that you may layer three virtual displays on top of to build a virtual reality workstation. The progressive web app versions of programs like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook will also be available to users.


Avatars now has legs


In place of the flying eggs we now roam Horizon Worlds in, Meta added new avatars that are an improvement. The inward-facing sensors on the Meta Quest Pro, as we discussed above, will enable eye tracking and facial expression recognition that will be mirrored in your virtual self. 

Meetings in Workrooms will offer you a far higher sensation of "being there" than standard video chats, according to a corporate blog post, since avatars can now display non-verbal clues like eye contact and facial expressions.

When Zuckerberg demonstrated his own avatar, it was clear that it was more expressive, conversational, and emotional than the present version. An extremely remarkable "codec" avatar that is currently being developed at Reality Labs was subsequently demonstrated to us by the team.

In his speech, Zuckerberg described the effort his team has made to develop a wide range of skin tones, facial characteristics, skills, and personal preferences for avatars. Additionally, they'll get legs!


Partnership with NBCUniversal and game announcements

among us vr

In addition to integrating virtual places from The Office, Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights, certain Dreamworks content, and other properties into the metaverse, Meta is collaborating with NBCUniversal to put the Peacock app there. According to Vishal Shah, vice president of the Metaverse at Meta, "fans will be able to engage in these experiences in Horizon Worlds, at Universal Studios theme parks, and create their avatars."

Although there is no definite release date, Xbox Cloud Gaming will soon be accessible via the Meta Quest Store as part of Meta's cooperation with Microsoft.

In addition, Marvel's Iron Man VR, which was previously only accessible on PlayStation VR, will be playable on Meta Quest 2 starting on November 3. With "all the suspense and adrenaline of the original, but recreated from the ground up for VR," Among Us, VR will debut on Meta Quest 2 on Nov. 10. The first-person viewpoint will replace the gameplay's initial top-down view, increasing the challenge and the stakes.

The second chapter of Skydance Interactive's The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners: While Behemoth, another game from the company, is being created particularly for VR, Retribution will be released in December.


Reality Labs' exploratory tech

Reality Labs

The experimental technology we saw last year made a comeback at Connect this year, although it is still under development. A prototype of a wrist-worn gadget that interprets electrical impulses from your muscles to perform movements on a screen was displayed by Reality Labs' head scientist, Michael Abrash. Since controllers are cumbersome, this has enormous promise for virtual reality, but it's not obvious whether or if Meta will ever adopt the technology.

That's all for the coverage from Meta Connect Conference 2022. Stay with us for more future metaverse event coverage updates.

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