How Music in The Metaverse is Creating an Immersive Experience for Listeners

25 Jul 2022

In the future, we may not need to go to a concert hall to experience music instead we can go to the Metaverse and experience it in an immersive way. And with VR technology becoming more affordable and accessible, this will become more of a reality. Music can be used to create a sense of place and social environment in the Metaverse. 

VR and AR allow users to experience immersive environments that are created by the combination of the digital world and their physical environment. In these environments, they can interact with other people while listening to music. This creates a social experience that is different from what we are used to in our everyday lives.

Here a question arrives how metaverse will contribute to the music industry? The answer will be definitely, the migration of live music concerts from in-person to virtual environments. The music industry had suffered a lot during the pandemic situation as many live concerts or music shows were canceled continuously & the loss was huge. Imagine when the metaverse will be fully functional, fans can enjoy & experience a live performance without any physical presence. 

The Fortnite X Travis Scott collaboration is an ideal example of how music will be emerged & transformed inside the metaverse. Another popular virtual gaming platform Roblox has announced that they will host a big virtual show Tai Verdes- a billboard emerging artist will be appeared in the form of an avatar to perform. So it is clear that in VR, music is not now limited to virtual streams, but listeners will enjoy an immersive experience. Alongside, fans can act more than a listener, such as interacting, socializing, and moving around just like Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has presented in the 2021 keynote.

How Metaverse is Going to Benefit Listeners?

Music as NFTs

In the metaverse, people are willing to pay to get the ownership of digital property & music as NFT is something like that. Because of the metaverse, the music industry is changing and so are the ways in which we are going to consume it. Some of the world’s biggest artists have already started to release their music as NFTs, while others are still thinking about it. To clear out this concept we can take the example of Fluf World- a metaverse community with a 3D rabbit avatar. 

It basically relies on music to provide a user experience. Co-founder of Fluf World- Brooke Howard-Smith stated that this metaverse was launched for musicians, artists & creators. He explained that there is a feature called scenes & sounds that makes community members combine & create different soundtracks and backgrounds with their avatar. 

This background serves a different type of location that actually exists in the metaverse. Fluf World uses multimedia NFTs that allows user to customize their metaverse experience. Also, when the proximity feature will be turned on, avatars will be walking around.

Through NFTs, artists can earn instant income that is only controlled by them without any 3rd party interruption. 

Metaverse Bars, Clubs For live Performances

The use of live music entertainment in Metaverse bars and clubs will be more and more popular besides live concerts. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most important is that it is a great way to attract customers.

The best thing about using live music as entertainment in Metaverse bars and clubs is that it allows the customer to experience something new. It also makes the customer feel like they are getting a more authentic experience since they are not just sitting around watching something on a screen. Some companies already preparing metaverse projects that will include bars, clubs & entertainment for live music sessions in the metaverse.

Fans Can Contribute To The Creative Process

As artists or musicians are opening up directly to the fans, another trend is fans & followers can include in the creation of music & video. As an example,  Deadmau5-electronic artist has leveraged the gaming community to crowdsource a virtual world to add in a new music video. So, the metaverse is a new opportunity for fans to collaborate with their favorite artists in the virtual world. This concept is totally new & this is going to be the next phase for interaction between artists & their fans. This will eventually offer an exciting value & immersive experience for the metaverse listeners.


The book "Metaverse - The Future is Here" is a good resource for understanding and learning the Metaverse technology. You will get detailed information on the Metaverse's origins, evolution, how we can access it, the various Metaverse platforms available, and the technologies required to power it; apart from the basics, the book also discusses elaborately how can businesses enter the Metaverse, different kinds of Metaverse marketing strategies, its use cases for various industries, social and legal impacts, and discusses what the Metaverse will look like in the future.


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