Combatting Crime in The Metaverse

04 Aug 2022

The metaverse is a new frontier that has not been explored yet. One of the biggest concerns is how to combat crime in this new world. The debate about whether virtual worlds should be policed like the real world is ongoing. As more & more people will enter in metaverse & invest in digital assets, the number of hackers will increase to take advantage of users. There are already plenty of signs of cybercrime in Web 2.0. Researchers have already warned about Silk Road- a new & immersive version of the dark web for crime & drugs.

Metaverse promises to be an ideal digital world, unlike any other virtual spaces we have experienced. So, obviously, the cyber security challenges will be much improved & protective that we haven't experienced before. 

Crimes in The Metaverse

Phishing Attack

A phishing attack is not a new type of cybercrime. Phishing attacks are typically carried out by email spoofing or instant messaging, and they often include links to websites that are designed to look like legitimate web pages of banks or other well-known businesses. 

The most common technique uses a fake login page that is almost identical to the actual page so that users enter their usernames and passwords into the fake form, thus giving away the information needed to log in. The goal of the attacker is to steal the victim's identity or gain access to their computer systems. 

In the latest development in phishing attacks, cybercriminals are using augmented reality (AR) technology to trick people into handing over their private data. Roblox ranked 8th for phishing attacks according to a brand phishing report from last year & the most concerning matter is, that almost 50% of the Roblox is under 13age! Also, OpenSea users lose $1.7M worth of NFTs in a phishing attack. So, we can assume that how brand phishing attacks will increase with the rising demand for the metaverse.

Harmful Smart Contracts

According to crypto proponent Mark Cuban, smart contracts are going to be the most likely source of crypto-related fraud. As smart contracts are automatically executed whenever some predefined rules are met, there is a chance of danger that bad actors can create intentionally vulnerable smart contracts. The purpose of this crime is to make victims enter into a smart contract that can be easily utilized. The blockchain creators can take advantage of the market by simply taking control of a large share of the blockchain’s coin supply, hence artificially inflating the coin’s value as the available supply of the other investors drops.

Vulnerable AR/VR Headsets

The essential & functional usage of AR & VR glasses can harm user data privacy & security at any point. These devices collect larger amounts of data including users’ biometric information also, and the modern demand for user data will be used. Usually,  AR devices gather information on who the user is and what activities they are doing. 

This means that if hackers gain access to these devices, the loss of data privacy would be extensive. On the other hand, VR glasses collect private information such as biometric data (retina scans), face mappings, fingerprint data, and voiceprints. The hacking of AR & VR gears can cause Ransome attacks.

Fighting Cybercrime in Metaverse

According to the Morning Consult Poll significant signs of crime in the metaverse will be - online abuse/harassment &violation or misuse of personal data. If I talk about personal harassment issues, then Meta has included Virtual Bubble in the Horizon World to prevent other users from coming close within a specific radius. 

Also, industry-leading trade group-The XR association has suggested that “existing laws and policies need to be reviewed to see whether they should be modernized and if any policy gaps exist.” Moreover, a report by the Bipartisan Policy Center has highlighted the tort law, worker safety, labor discrimination & rights of cyber users as they will migrate more of their lives into this metaverse space. Roblox the biggest virtual space has been combatting crimes like inappropriate content on the platform since its inception.

The real court & law enforcement technology in virtual space is still an open question within this 2D internet infrastructure. Virtual worlds are different from the real world in many ways. For one thing, they're much more accessible and easier to access. 

This means that any kind of criminal activity can happen inside them without being noticed by authorities. If I say correctly, the responsibility of playing the role of cop depends on the companies that will emerge in the metaverse. For now, it may be difficult to understand the metaverse’s unique cybercrime rules & law, until the metaverse finds any unwanted role of evidence.


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